Botanical garden

Imagine a romantic dinner in the beautiful natural surroundings of Belgrade's Botanical garden. Away from prying eyes, gift yourself and someone dear to you,with the perfect evening, embracing natural environment and fresh air, yet surrounded by extravagant luxury.

The residence of Jevrem Grujic

Experience the dignified atmosphere of profound history of this spot where the fate and future of our country was decided many times in the past. Imagine yourself being the part of that period, as an aristocrat surrounded by antique and beautiful luxury. On this spot, where once we signed the secret contract on liberation of the South Slavs, perhaps you as well will be able to form a more personal, but just as important promise of your own.

White Palace

The elegant extravagance of this royal residency will make you feel as a King or a Queen at the peak of their rule. Imagine for a moment that you are inside the beautiful and luxurious interior of the Royal Court, where once dined rulers and their most trusted court members. Imagine enjoying exquisite delicacies prepared for you by culinary masters in front of your very eyes. Immerse yourself in a magical evening and share this royal feeling with someone you love the most. Be one of the selected few who deserve this kind of lavish experience.


An ancient fortress which to this day resisted all the historical battles and challenges, including the wear of time, and now awaits to share with you an unforgettable evening of luxury and enjoyment in the heart of centuries-old history.

This place,which is considered as very personal in the heart of every Belgrader, can be only and exclusively yours for an evening. While you enjoy a luxurious dinner in some of the most iconic locations of Kalemegdan, you will share the feeling of belonging and attachment to the soul of the city. You can feel victorious dining below the famous 'Monument to the Victor', or empowered by the atmosphere inside the weathered Nebojsa tower, or atop a high point overlooking our beautiful rivers, or perhaps in some secret spot of your own that you've claimed for yourself over the years?

Avala tower

Reach for the stars and reserve a luxurious dinner atop the highest point in Belgrade. Imagine fantastic gastronomic specialties being prepared right in front of you, while your eyes feast on the beautiful vista of Belgrade and the surrounding nature of Avala mountain.

Nebojsa tower

The most well-preserved medieval fortress of Belgrade's fort can now be only yours for a night, if you make a reservation for a luxurious and exclusive dinner in this important historical location. Imagine an extravagant dinner in the heart of the tower, from which you can overlook the beautifully solemn rivers of Belgrade as well as the rest of the fort with its gorgeous park.

Roman well

This mysterious construction underneath the Belgrade forts has for years been the place where myths were intertwined with history. Some claim that it was here where Orpheus, the Thracian bard and poet, would descend to Hades and even that this construction is somehow linked to the Oracles of Delphi. Imagine that just for one magical evening, you can experience this secret location that even many Belgraders don't know exists, in a completely different, avantgard way - with an extravagant dinner for two.